Monday, September 15, 2008

Tips to study vocabulary

I know all of you hate to study your vocabulary. I know it is a pain. And I hate to hear how much you hate it! But, shut up and do it. As I have told you many times, your English will improve exponentially if you simply decided to do it and commit it to memory. So, if you're having problems with learning your vocabulary, try these tips.

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Study tips for vocabulary
Bridget Logan - Study Tips Examiner

A vocabulary is a collection of words used by a language. It is also the volume of words retained by an individual. Vocabulary is sometimes referred to as ‘word power’ which could indicate the person with ‘word power’ has a command of the language. Use the following study tips to expand your vocabulary and gain command of your language.

1. In order to maintain a strong vocabulary, use it. If information is not used or referred to often, it is lost and the effort that originally went into learning it is wasted effort. Study words and use them often in your writing and speaking.

2. Arrange words into groups around a central idea. Words that are related can be grouped together. By studying words of similar meaning, you will be more likely to recall those words which were previously unfamiliar.

3. Pay attention to the context of a passage as you read it. The context of a passage may contain important hints about the meaning of unfamiliar words. You just have to put the clues together in order to find that meaning.

4. Understanding both Latin and Anglo-Saxon prefixes will give an immediate insight into the meaning of many words. Once you learn the meaning of a particular prefix, you will have a head start on all of the words beginning with that one prefix. The more prefixes you learn, the easier complex words become.

5. Study and learn important Latin roots. A root is what is left of a word once the prefix and/or suffix is removed. Knowing the meaning of just one root will unlock the meaning to a long list of words.

Work on your vocabulary everyday. The extent of your knowledge will grow along with your confidence in speaking and writing.

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